Braised Spare Ribs

Braised Spare Ribs

Braised Spare Ribs

Chinese name: 红烧排骨 (hóng shāo pái gǔ)
Characteristics: Braised Spare Ribs are salty, fresh and fragrant.

The meat is crispy and tender, bathed in an attractive golden red color.

Braised Spare Ribs have been well-known dish in China for a long time. What makes them a temptation are their bright color and fragrant scent. Spare ribs can not only provide human body with protein, fat and vitamins which are necessary for physiological activities, but they also contain a large amount of calcium phosphate and collagen. They are especially rich in calcium which can maintain bone health and enrich the blood.


Preparation for Braised Spare Ribs

cooking wine
ginger slices
green onion sections
prickly ash seeds (or Sichuan pepper, if you can’t find them in a store, you may use fennel seeds instead)
dry chili peppers
cinnamons sticks
bay leaves
cardamom pods
star anises
white sugar
pepper powder
Note: the amount of the seasonings listed above can be appropriately used according to one’s personal taste. Meanwhile, most of the seasonings used whole above can’t be ate, but just used as spices, including cinnamon, bay leaf, star anise, cardamom, dried pimiento, prickly ash seeds.

Seasonings of Braised Spare Ribs



Fill a wok with 6 bowls of water and turn on the heat. Slowly add the spare rib sections, and cover them. Once the water is boiling, add in the cooking wine. Boil for 3-5 minutes until they turn yellowish white. Remove them to a colander, and place on a plate.

Boil the Spare Rib Sections

Pour out the water in the wok, and place it over high heat until hot. Add some cooking oil, and add in the white sugar and stir-fry for 40-60 seconds until it turns reddish-brown and bubbles. Put in the boiled spare rib sections carefully, and stir-fry them for 2 minutes until well mixed.

Color the Boiled Spare Rib Sections

Add some water to the wok until the spare rib sections are completely immersed. Add in the star anises, dry chili peppers, prickly ash seeds, bay leaves, cardamoms, cinnamons, green onion sections, and ginger slices. Cover and boil it for 3-5 minutes over high heat until fragrant, then change to medium heat, and stew for about 40 minutes.

Braise the Spare Rib Sections

Remove the cover, and add in the salt and pepper powder, and boil for another 3-5 minutes over low heat until the juice is almost absorbed by the spare rib sections.

Simmer the Spare Rib Sections

Remove them from the wok and serve in a plate. Your dish is ready.

Braised Spare Ribs Completed

8 thoughts on “Braised Spare Ribs

  1. I love this to cook …..
    because it shows all the procedure and steps . And there is a demonstration also…
    and I have already mentioned to the other that I love and enjoy eating a viands, especially if there is a bone on it…..
    I’m just like a dog who love to eat a bones.. hahahaha

    ~Argelyn Ayuba~


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